HOUSTON — Deputies want to know who shot a woman multiple times at a bus near a gas station in north Houston overnight.

Harris County Sheriff’s deputies say she was shot once in the back and once in each shoulder during the drive-by.

This happened around 9 p.m. in the 15300 block of Ella.

Surveillance from cameras surrounding a gas station next to where it happened shows a pretty clear account of what happened. KHOU 11 News wants to warn viewers that it is a bit disturbing.

The left corner of the screen shows a green SUV creep down the street. The video shows a few pops of light, which are thought to be the gunshots.

Someone darts across the street and that woman, who was sitting at the bus stop, goes down after being shot. This happened just after 9 p.m.

Deputies say that woman was hit three times. She went to the hospital, but her condition has not been released.

The gas station was packed and one round hit a parked car.

A lieutenant with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office says they don't know a motive, but they think this shooting may be drug related.

The lieutenant also said there was another shooting Thursday that also involved a green car. They're pretty sure the two shootings are related.