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Victims of Liberty County triple murder helped suspect rescue strangers during Imelda

How does a man go from rescuing strangers during Imelda to being charged in a triple murder? That's what the victim's families want to know.

LIBERTY COUNTY, Texas — The families of the men killed in a Liberty County triple murder are wondering how the suspect could go from being a close friend to the accused killer.

Andrew Bass, 30, has been charged with three counts of capital murder. 

The victims are O’dell Wells, Christopher Wells, 20, and Walter “Cliff” Brown. 50.

Investigators with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office say Bass called deputies early Sunday morning to report a burglary in progress. When deputies arrived, they found the three victims had been shot and killed. Investigators say Bass's story didn’t add up and Bass was arrested.

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“When the call came in it was of a burglary,” said Brittnay Brown, the victim’s daughter, “but he’s the one that robbed us. He took my father and my kid’s grandfather from them.”

Brown had four children, 11 grandchildren and a wife.

Brown’s family says that during Imelda all three victims went to Bass' home to help rescue Imelda flood victims. They’re just as confused as they are heartbroken, that a “good guy” could have taken the man that they love.

“I just can’t make no sense out of it, you know?” said Brown’s widow, Barbara. “It’s just hard to believe.”

For several days now the family of Walter Cliff Brown has been just as confused as they are heartbroken after they said Brown was shot and killed by a friend he was helping.  

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Both the Brown and Wells families said on Saturday Bass picked up O’dell, Christopher and Brown then took them to his home on CR 4010 to help him cleanup his front yard. It is riddled with heavy equipment like rescue vehicles and trucks.

Somehow that night all three men ended up dead.

Investigators haven’t released a motive. The Wells family had mentioned noticing some red flags lately including paranoid behavior, however, the Brown family never noticed that.  

“He can’t tell me that he had mental issues…  I am not buying it,” said Barbara Brown.

“Maybe he did have his own issues, but nothing justifies what he did,” added Brittnay.

Brittnay says she’s having a difficult time explaining her father’s death to her children.

“They are not going to understand. They just know that one minute they could play with him and go do things with him and they can’t do that anymore.”

The Brown family is having a bake sale to raise money for Walter’s funeral. That information can be found here

“I’m sad for our loss,” said Barbara, “the Wells’ loss, and his [Bass] family’s loss too because he destroyed their family also.”

Bass has no criminal history and is being held in the Liberty County Jail with no bond.


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