The shocking murder case of Dr. Mark Hausknecht came to a dramatic end Friday when his killer took his own life after police confronted him.

Here's a timeline of the case that had a city on edge for more than two weeks:

July 20: Dr. Mark Hausknecht was headed to Methodist Hospital on his bike when Pappas shot him three times. Pappas was also on a bicycle and immediately fled the scene as Hausknecht flagged down a passing ambulance for help. He died at the hospital.

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Hausknecht, who saved countless lives as a cardiologist, once treated President George H.W. Bush.

dr. mark-hausknecht_1533239590295.png.jpg
Dr. Mark Hausknecht (Methodist Hospital)

July 21: The Houston Police Department released a composite sketch of the suspect wanted for shooting and killing Hausknecht.

July 22: Police released surveillance photos in hopes of catching the killer. The photos showed the moments leading up to Hausknecht’s killing. The photos showed a "fit man" on a blue bike with an olive green backpack.

July 23: Houston police release new video that shows the man who gunned down Hausknecht. The video came from a Metro Lift bus and shows Hausknecht and Pappas riding their bikes on Main Street. Pappas was riding behind the doctor but passed him, turned around and shot him three times. The whole thing was captured on the surveillance video.

July 25: Hausknecht’s autopsy revealed he was shot in the head, torso and upper left extremity. His death was ruled a homicide.

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July 28: Dr. Hausknecht was laid to rest one week after his murder. His funeral service was held at Houston’s First Presbyterian Church on Main Street. Pappas has still not been identified or found.

July 30: Houston police released more video that shows Pappas riding his bike in a neighborhood moments after the deadly shooting.

Aug. 1: The Houston Police Department held a press conference and identified Pappas as a suspect for the murder of Hausknecht. Police also released a photo of him. Chief Acevedo said Pappas is the son of a woman who was treated by Hausknecht. She died during surgery more than 20 years ago.

After police identified Pappas as the murder suspect KHOU 11 News found out he was a deputy constable for Harris County Precinct 2 and Precinct 7 back in the 1980s.READ: Suspect in Houston cardiologist's murder is former law enforcement officer

Aug. 2: Dr. Hausknecht family releases a statement asking the public to focus on the photo of Pappas and help police locate him. The Houston Police Department also searched Pappas home after someone reported seeing him in the area.

In a chilling interview, a former friend of Pappas told KHOU 11 he believed the killer had a hit list and may be hunting for his next victim.

Aug. 3: Joseph Pappas kills himself when he is confronted by two cops. Pappas was wearing body armor with hidden holsters during the time of the shooting and Acevedo believes there could have been a shootout if a second officer hadn't arrived in the nick of time.