They've played in Europe, Asia and Africa with no problems, but San Antonio may be the last stop on one band’s world tour.

An international musical group named World Percussion Group suffered what may be a devastating loss on Thursday night, including the very instruments they use to make money and music.

Now, they're searching the internet for stolen iPads, laptops, and drumsticks.

"Some of the guys got some of their sticks and mallets taken, weird instruments like a spring drum, and our concert clothes as well,” World Percussion Group co-director Jason Huxtable said. “We're gonna have to go shopping for some new clothes.”

World Percussion Group, who played at U-T-S-A Wednesday night, stopped for dinner nearby when a thief stopped by their van.

"The stick-bag was gone, and I thought someone had just moved it and I had them check in the back and that's when they saw that everything had been taken at that point,” Huxtable said.

Everything was taken, including several passports. Altogether, it was about a $25,000 loss.

"Every time we've come to San Antonio before, we've had an amazing time. We love this city, and we shoulda been more careful with our stuff, but you don't expect something like that to happen, especially in that area of the city," Huxtable said.

The musicians say the van was locked and security video may identify the crooks, but for now, their world tour dates will be delayed.

"We're supposed to be leaving for Memphis tomorrow, to continue the tour, and then up to Michigan," Huxtable lamented.

It’s a sour note in San Antonio that could leave these musicians strapped and silent.

The musicians have started a GoFundMe page in the hopes of raising money to replace their stolen instruments. So far, it's raised about $5,000.