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'That’s pure evil' | Houston family caught up in nationwide autopsy scandal

Kathryn now knows who 'Professor Lynn' really is. That doesn’t help her find out what happened to her brother.

HOUSTON — A Houston family is wrapped up in a nationwide autopsy scandal.

Kevin Evans was the only boy in his family. Born between two sisters, he was the kind of guy who looked out for everyone and made them laugh.

“If Kevin was there, you would laugh and smile even if you didn’t want to,” said Kevin’s little sister, Kathryn Evans Marrero.

Five years after moving to California, Kevin needed surgery to handle a perforation in his stomach. He called Kathryn after the procedure and said things went well. While recovering, Kevin’s hospital staff called Kathryn with bad news.

“By the time we arrived, he was in the ICU,” said Kathryn.

Kevin Evans died May 13, 2018. His family wanted to find out what killed him and if the hospital was at fault. So, they hired a private autopsy service to find out.

“Once we contacted National Autopsy Services, Professor Lynn assured us this is routine,” Kathryn said. “He said, I’ll be the best and give you a thorough report on Kevin; however, we’re going to need additional funds because you want a toxicity report.”

Professor Lynn accepted Kathryn’s $3,800 payment and has failed to perform Kevin’s autopsy for nearly a year. Both parties exchanged emails over that year. 

Kathryn would ask what’s taking so long and she’d receive and email from Professor Lynn explaining different problems he’s having, but promising to have a very thorough report done soon. 

Then, Kathryn found out who Professor Lynn really is.

“Professor Lynn is not Professor Lynn,” Kathryn said. “He’s Shawn Parcells.”

In a February interview in Kansas, Parcells defended his choice to change his name and title.

“Lynn was used as a nickname,” said Parcells. “Honestly, I’m being honest here. People would butcher my last name.”

But this isn’t just about how his last name is pronounced. Parcells isn’t a professor nor a doctor. 

He made headlines as a pathology expert in Michael Brown’s case in Ferguson, Missouri. 

In 2012, he performed an autopsy without a doctor present that led to a manslaughter suspect set free. Right now, Parcells faces criminal charges of theft, desecration of bodies and other civil violation.

“He’s just evil,” Kathryn said. “That’s pure evil.”

Kathryn now knows who Professor Lynn really is. That doesn’t help her find out what happened to her brother -- the middle child, caught in the center of controversy.

“At this point, I would want DNA to make sure that’s even my brother,” Kathryn said. His intestines, his liver and all those other organs that were supposed to be removed. I don’t know where they are.”

Kathryn is not alone. The Better Business Bureau issued a nationwide warning about Shawn Parcells’ business after receiving complaints in these cities:

  • Potamac, Maryland
  • Sterling, Virginia
  • Woodbridge, Virginia
  • Drexele Hill, Pennsylvania
  • Kansas City, Kansas
  • Newport News, Virginia
  • Evanston, Illinois
  • Brooklyn, New York
  • Roanoke, Virginia
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Lincoln, Rhode Island
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Parkton, North Carolina
  • Danville, Pennsylvania
  • Absecon, New Jersey

KHOU 11 News is following leads to uncover any Texas autopsies handled by Parcells.


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