EDNA, Texas - The small town of Edna is 100 miles southwest of Houston and a great deal farther from Sutherland Springs.

"We are blessed to bless families," said Trey Ganem, owner of Trey Ganem Designs. "We have the facility, we have the caskets here. It's just something that when you step out on faith. I don't ask for anything in return."

After the shooting in Sutherland Springs last week, Ganem wanted to do something, so he offered to donate a number of caskets for victims.

"I wish I was just there to help, and I wasn't, so that's why I'm reaching out now to do what I can," he said. "Even though it's still rough, it's rough for us."

What was even tougher for Ganem was having to outfit the caskets for children.

"I get chills when you talk about that," he said. "You never get used to doing children."

So far, Ganem is designing 16 caskets for 26 of the victims.

"The only thing that powers me through this is God," Ganem said. "God gave me this gift to pass on, and my gift is not painting caskets. That's my talent. My gift is helping families to know this is not the end."