HOUSTON – Police are searching for a suspect who they say attempted to carjack a TV news crew and assaulted a police officer in downtown early Monday.

Houston Police say around 5 a.m. the suspect crashed a Chevrolet Malibu into a KPRC news van at Chartress and Texas. He then attempted to pull the driver out of the news vehicle, but was unsuccessful.

Police say an HPD prisoner transport saw the collision and stopped to check to see what happened. That is when the suspect assaulted a female officer driving the transport and took her vehicle.

There was a juvenile suspect in the HPD transport at the time of the carjacking. He was later found two blocks down the street.

The suspect is still missing, but the patrol vehicle was later found at Old Spanish Trail and Spur 5. A description of the suspect has not been released.

Both the news crew and the female officer were transported to a local hospital to be checked out, police said.