PASADENA, Texas - A Pasadena man has been arrested and charged with attempted kidnapping.

Pasadena Police say Raul Perez, 25, tried to force am 11-year-old girl into his car on the morning of Sept. 2, 2018.

The child was visiting her older sister, Bianca Hernandez, who lives at the Willow Oaks Townhomes. The family credits the child’s beagle mix dog for saving her.

“Scared, traumatized...paranoid,” Hernandez said of her little sister’s emotional state. “I mean, she’s just an 11-year-old.”

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Her little sister was walking her dog, Ray, around the back of the complex when she says Perez started following her in his SUV. Unnerved, the child started running but says Perez got out and tried to drag her into her vehicle.

“She actually said that she was really scared," Hernandez said. "She didn’t know how to react she...all she could do was...crying and pulling from the man, trying to get away.”

The little girl told her sister when she panicked, Ray sprang into action and bit Perez on his leg which allowed her to run away and tell her family.

They called police then found the suspect and his license plate on the townhome’s surveillance camera, posted the pictures online and asked for leads.

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Court documents show Perez went to the police shortly after and referenced the online photos, wanting to clear his name. However, police said his story didn’t add up and said they had enough evidence against him to make an arrest Thursday night.

Court documents show Perez has an extensive criminal history out of Brownsville, which includes aggravated assault, burglary of a motor vehicle and a DWI.

The family says although they’re not sure what the suspect’s intentions were with the 11-year-old, they know Ray is a hero.

“We really are grateful that her dog was with her, because I swear that right now, if her dog wasn’t with her, she would not be home," Hernandez said.

Perez is charged with attempted kidnapping. He’s booked at the Harris County Jail on $15,000 bond.

Perez is expected in court on Monday.