HOUSTON - A man who attempted to rob a Whataburger early Saturday morning was shot and killed by a security guard, police say.

The incident happened in southwest Houston at Braesridge Drive and W Bellfort Blvd.

Witnesses say the man walked inside of the Whataburger and started shooting. Police believe he was trying to rob the fast food restaurant because he confronted employees and attempted to get behind the counter.

Bri Aunna Nance was in the Whataburger during the shooting and she says she believes the suspect was there to take people's lives.

"It’s like he wasn’t even going for the money. He was there to kill someone, said Nance. "Even after the fact that we were out the store, he was still shooting at us."

A security guard was in the back of the restaurant and saw the man walk inside. The guard pulled out his gun and shot at the suspect when the suspect started shooting inside of the burger chain.

According to police, the suspect was hit twice.

The suspect attempted to flee the scene, but he collapsed in the parking lot and died.

Police said this case is being referred to a grand jury.