SANTA FE, Texas – Ten crosses now sit in front of Santa Fe High School representing each of the 10 victims that died during Friday’s mass shooting.

Photos: Memorial grows for victims at Santa Fe High School

Right outside of Santa Fe High school, there's a growing memorial for the 10 victims of Friday's shooting.

What stands out the most here, from the balloons, and flowers and signs are these 10 crosses – hand crafted by a man who has done this more times then he'd like to.

“I never thought two years ago when I retired that I'd make 7,000 crosses in two years," Greg Zanis, of Aurora, Ill. said. “I was just here in Texas in Nov. 10 in Sutherland, Texas where 26 people were murdered, why am I having to do so much."

This time, he made 10 crosses.

“I try to always have a photo of the victim on these crosses, lately I've been putting a heart on them," he added.

He also used flat paint, so that as this community comes to pay their respects, they can also leave these little messages for the victims.

“I just hope that they know that the whole country loves them, and we all are hurt," Zanis said.


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