SANTA FE, Texas -- Friday marked eight weeks since the shooting at Santa Fe High School and so far, approximately $825,000 has been raised to help the victims and their families.

Although that may sound like a lot of money it pales in comparison to the millions of dollars donated after similar tragedies.

On May 18, no matter where you were from, the nation stood with Santa Fe and donations poured in. But as time went on, the mourning community asked for privacy, which is a reaction that Mental Health and Wellness expert Bill Prasad says isn’t uncommon.

“Their sense of safety has been destroyed,” Prasad explained. “By keeping it [the community] close knit… keeping people together and perhaps keeping outsiders a way, that brings them closer together and might bring them a greater sense of cohesion.”

Soon after, Santa Fe slipped out of public focus and donations weaned.

“People have the tendency to go back to their lives and get back into their routine and then perhaps forget what had happened in the past.”

On Thursday, The Compassion Fund, which manages the Santa Fe Fund, announced that $825,977.33 had been donated so far. 100 percent will eventually go to the victims and their families.

It’s money that can make a difference to grieving families, like Rosie Yanas, whose son, Christopher Stone was killed.

“Just letting you know there are a lot of families struggling,” Yanas said at Thursday’s meeting. “That’s what I’m going to let you know.”

“Insurance benefits runs out. They are not unlimited,” said the mother of a survivor.

After the Parkland shooting in Florida, $10.5-million was raised; after Sutherland Springs, at least $3 million; and more than $31-million rolled in for victims after the Las Vegas shooting.

The common thread in the other tragedies is they garnered much more media attention. However, that doesn’t mean the needs in Santa Fe are any less.

The Santa Fe Fund will remain open to donations until Sept. 30. Click here for more information.