HOUSTON — The man accused of shooting a Katy woman in an apparent road rage attack was arrested again on another aggravated assault charge.

It happened before the July 10 car wash shooting in Katy.

Police say they traced the gun used in that incident to a previous, similar attack and now Nicholas D'Agostino faces another charge.

He appeared in court overnight early Friday.

Police say they’ve been digging through D’Agostino’s social media accounts. They’ve found multiple rants and rambles about female motorists being incompetent and that the sole job of women is to birth male children.

D’Agostino was already accused of shooting a woman and claiming self-defense because she cut him off in traffic, according to police

D'Agostino was released on bond earlier this week but was re-booked Thursday.

The judge set his bond at $250,000.