SPLENDORA, Texas — The Splendora ISD police chief is personally offering a cash reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect responsible for tagging one of his officer's home with a hateful message.

Officer Sean Allison's home was spray-painted with the word "pig' and a swastika over the weekend. 

Chief Rex Evans said he is extremely hurt this happened to Officer Allison, who was described as an outstanding you man who loves his job.

"He loves our kids and he would give his life in a moment, if needed, for any child or teacher in this District," said Chief Evans.


Despite his fear, Officer Allison returned to campus Monday with hopes of teaching kids a powerful message. 

"He really is trying to reaffirm to them that I'm going to be here no matter what," said Evans.

Officer Allison will apparently do anything to make a kid laugh. In fact, last Thursday he went viral when the district posted a video of him riding a hover board while holding a coffee. 

But just days after that viral video, Officer Allison's home was tagged. 

"Name calling, whatever. But that particular symbol, even to this day, is so offensive to so many people and their families. That we just couldn't let that go without bringing it to people's attention," said Evans.

Chief Evans said he doesn't believe this could be a retaliation for something Officer Allison did because he's only been an officer for seven months.

The suspect faces vandalism charges and could be charged with a hate crime.

In 2017, after the ambush on police in Dallas, the state passed the "Police Protection Act," which makes it a hate crime anytime someone commits a crime against an officer out of bias against police. 

If you have any information on this case, please call Montgomery County Crime Stoppers.