KATY, Texas — Two women accused of stealing more than $1,200 worth of merchandise from Katy Mills Mall are facing theft and drug charges, according to Katy police. 

Investigators say the women used "booster bags" to carry the stolen items. They arrested 33-year-old Teniqua Baines and 35-year-old Visha Reed in the Katy Mills parking lot on June 6.

Booster bags typically contain tinfoil lining under the original lining, which can be difficult to detect. 

The women had two booster bags and pliers investigators say were used to cut off sensors. There was also material used to manufacture the booster bags, according to Katy police.

Booster bags

Mall security and Katy police are teaming up to catch habitual shoplifters targeting the retail outlet stores. 

That's what led them to Baines and Reed. Police say they were seen placing store merchandise into their booster bags and passing all points of sale without buying them.

Baines was charged with felony theft (two or more prior convictions) and misdemeanor possession of marijuana. Reed was charged with theft and possession of a controlled substance, both misdemeanors.