While the Super Bowl is a very exciting time, it also has a dark side. Police are busy cracking down on sex trafficking.

As Houston starts to party, there are extra eyes on the crowds. Undercover officers are looking for everything from prostitution to human trafficking.

"Unless you want to find your picture out there exposed, do not solicit," said Chief Art Acevado, Houston Police Department.

Police are talking tough, and John Gray saw them in action.

"We're about to eat some breakfast, and then we here a bang," Gray said.

He took pictures of a sting operation that ended at his northeast side home near Highway 59 and Crosstimbers.

"I'm guessing what happened is he saw us leave, so I figured hey I got an empty house I can get into," Gray said.

Houston police arrested Alfred Lebum. Investigators told us he was trying to buy sex. Gray says he even walked into his home, looking for a place to hide.

"He said he pulled out a big wade of cash and my son's like, 'No,'" Gray said.

We checked the numbers. Earlier this month, officers booked only one or two people a day into the Harris County Jail on prostitution charges. On the Wednesday before Super Bowl, they booked 22. An increased enforcement all aimed at keeping Super Bowl safe.

"I was content just watching it on TV, I didn't really think I'd be anything more than a part of that," Gray said.

The most important part of these operations police say is rescuing human trafficking victims. So far, they've helped get three woman off the streets, one a 19-year-old.