Officer Jose Munoz, one of two officers injured when they were shot by burglary suspects Tuesday, has been released from the hospital.

Officials say Munoz, who suffered a gunshot wound to his leg, was discharged Wednesday night. Munoz is a 10-year veteran with the Houston Police Department.

Authorities say Officer Ronny Cortez remains in critical, but stable condition at Memorial Hermann Hospital with several gunshot wounds. One bullet is lodged near his spine, according to the mayor. Turner said Cortez's wife is at his side and he was able to speak with her. Cortez is a 24-year veteran with HPD.

A manhunt continues for one suspect described as armed and dangerous. Officers shot and killed another suspect around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday during a shootout in the 8700 block of Sterlingame.

The suspect who got away is described as a light-skinned African American man, dressed in all black with a blue bandana. Police initially described him as Hispanic but changed it Wednesday.

Houston Crime Stoppers and the 100 Club is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect.

GROUND PHOTOS: Neighborhood on lockdown after officers shot

"The suspect at large is considered armed and dangerous," Acevedo said. "Someone who is willing to shoot and try to kill two officers in broad daylight over a property crime, is someone who is a threat to the community."

The officers were responding to a burglary in progress in the Glenshire subdivision near the Beltway and West Bellfort.

Mayor Sylvester Turner said one of the wounded officers lives in the neighborhood and was among the first to respond.

AERIAL PHOTOS: 2 HPD officers shot

A homeowner told the officers her backyard shed door was open so they jumped the fence and approached the shed. The suspect hiding inside opened fire and struck the two officers before he was shot to death.

Two ambulances, escorted by several HPD units, rushed both injured officers to the Texas Medical Center.

The Houston Police Officers Union says the officers were wearing vests that covered their chests and torsos.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Shots heard at officer-involved shooting scene

"The outpouring of prayers and love and messages from our community has really touched the hearts of our officers," Acevedo said.

Raw video: 2 HPD officers shot

Earlier, Acevedo tweeted: "On way to officer involved shooting. If you're a person of faith please pray for our officers."

Acevedo believes the suspects were responsible for at least three burglaries in the Glenshire neighborhood Tuesday. Mayor Turner said they may have stolen the gun used to shoot the officers.

KHOU 11 News photojournalist Steve Barnes was in the neighborhood to cover the burglaries when he heard the gunshots from a few houses away. He saw residents running inside while the officers ran toward the danger.

RAW AERIALS: 2 officers shot in southwest Houston

"Without hesitation... as soon as those shots were fired, they were running," Barnes said. "They went directly towards the shots and they went there fast."

Dozens of HPD officers, SWAT and K9 units swarmed Sterlingame after the shooting. A police helicopter also circled the area.

"We may be bruised. We may be battered. We may be shot. But our men & women...don't get to take the night off," Acevedo said.

Residents were urged to take cover and stay inside with the doors locked for more than three hours.

Mayor Turner, Chief Acevedo give update on injured officers

Some residents said the cops searched their homes with guns drawn.

“All of a sudden, SWAT pulled me and my husband over and were like, 'You need to get out of the car!' So we got out with our hands up and they searched our car and told us two police officers had been shot," Tiffany Daugherty said. "So they wanted to know if anyone was holding us under duress."

RAW AERIALS: 2 wounded officers rushed to hospital

Three HISD schools, Gross Elementary, West Valley Elementary and Welch Middle School were on lockdown all afternoon. The HCC Brays Oak campus was also lockdown and later closed for the day.

No one was allowed inside the neighborhood until the lockdown was lifted.

If you know anything, please call Houston Crime Stoppers at (713) 222-8477. For more information on how to help the officers and their families, visit