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Nightclub altercation leads to deadly shooting on Southwest Freeway

Houston police say a man and a woman were shot at after leaving a the club.

HOUSTON — An altercation at a nightclub turned in to a deadly shooting in southwest Houston early, police say.

The northbound frontage road of the Southwest Freeway was shut down around 3 a.m. Monday when police responded to reports of a shooting just north of Beechnut.

When police are arrived, officers found a man, now identified as 28-year-old Kendrick Monroe Milton, dead from a gunshot in the driver’s seat of a white Dodge Charger. A female passenger was shot in the leg. Police say it appeared that after the Milton was shot, his Charger slammed into the retaining wall of the freeway.

Police treated and stabilized the woman until Houston firefighters arrived. Paramedics then took her to the hospital. She is expected to survive her injuries.

Homicide investigators believe the killing started as an altercation at a nightclub located across the freeway. Police say the suspect or suspects followed the victims from the club before firing several shots with a rifle.

“This is ridiculous, to end up exactly like his dad, shot up,” Sunshine Milton, Kendrick's stepmother, said said. “This was very senseless. Kendrick didn’t bother anybody. We are tired as a community. They need to solve Kendrick’s death because they didn’t solve his dad’s death.”

Someone who was with Milton inside that club says there were no problems.

“There was very little people there. He went there, he had a good time, he left. When he left, somebody contacted somebody else, told him that he was leaving. When he came around this curve, they shot him (that’s it), and they killed him,” Melody Kidd Monroe, victim’s sister-in-law, said.

His family says even though they are aren’t sure who did this, they know someone does.

“Right is right and wrong is wrong. Kendrick deserves to find out the truth and if anybody has any word of mouth, they need to say something,” Sunshine Milton said.

Police say they are working on a detailed description of the shooter.

“No arrests at this point. We’re waiting on our investigators to make the scene. Once they get here, we’ll talk to any witnesses we can find in the club, and we’ll start looking for surveillance video,” HPD Lt. Larry Crowson said.


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