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TIMELINE: The shooting death of Migos rapper TakeOff in Houston

TakeOff was shot to death after a private party at a Houston bowling alley ended in a violent dice game. Police said he was an innocent bystander.

HOUSTON — The unexpected death of Kirshnic Khari Ball, better known as TakeOff, shook not only the hip-hop community but the world.

TakeOff was shot to death after a private party at a Houston bowling alley ended in a violent dice game. The Houston Police Department said TakeOff wasn't involved in the dice game and an argument that happened during it that led to his shooting death.

"He was not armed, he was an innocent bystander," HPD Sgt. Michael Burrow said.


Nov. 1 -- Migos rapper TakeOff and his groupmate and uncle Quavo attended a private party at 810 Billiards and Bowling Alley in Houston. After the party ended, a group of more than 30 people gathered outside the venue. A dice game took place which led to a heated argument and the shooting death of TakeOff. 

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Police spoke to the public the day TakeOff was murdered and pleaded with the community for help in finding TakeOff's killer. Investigators said all the witnesses who gathered after the private party ran away after the shooting and no one had stepped forward to provide them with information on the suspect. 

"I just want to say something to our city. Houston. And every brother and sister in the neighborhoods," Houston Police Department Chief Troy Finner said the day of the shooting. "I'm calling you to action, to step up. There were 40 people at least at this event and people left, possibly out of fear. I ask you one thing, and I want this to resonate with everybody. What if it was your brother, what if it was your son? You will want somebody to step up, so please step up." 

Nov. 2 -- A medical examiner ruled TakeOff's cause of death a homicide. They said the rapper suffered "gunshot wounds of head and torso into arm." 

Nov. 3 -- A nurse who lived down the street from where the shooting took place spoke to KHOU 11 and said she tried her best to save TakeOff's life but there was nothing she could do. 

The nurse said she saw people running and thought it was an active shooter situation so she didn't want to go anywhere, but as things settled, she said she heard a scream.

"I'm thinking that's the victim. That's the person who's shot," she said. "It sounded like a cry of agony. It was a cry of agony but emotional not physical."

She later learned that cry came from Quavo, another member of Migos and TakeOff's uncle. He was screaming for an ambulance and looking for help.

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Nov. 11 -- TakeOff was laid to rest at a memorial service in Atlanta. Big-named artists from the music industry showed up to pay tribute, including Justin Bieber, Chloe Bailey and Yolanda Adams. Dozens of fans were also in attendance. 

Both Offset and Quavo spoke during the memorial service. 

Still, no updates nor arrests had been made in TakeOff's death.

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Nov. 12 -- A day after TakeOff was laid to rest, Quavo pinned a heartfelt message to his nephew on Instagram, calling him his "angel."

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Dec. 2 -- HPD Chief Troy Finner, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and others hold a press conference announcing an arrest in the shooting death of TakeOff. 

Patrick Xavier Clark, 33, has been charged with murder in the death of TakeOff. 

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According to court documents, Clark applied for an expedited passport shortly after the shooting and said he was going to Mexico. He had the passport and a large amount of cash when he was arrested.

Clark had his first court apperance on Dec. 2 where a judge set his bond at $2 million.

Dec. 14 -- Clark's bond was reduced to $1 million after defense attorneys argued that the original amount was excessive and goes against the Texas Constitution. They also argued that Clark's family couldn't afford the $2 million bond amount.

Jan. 18, 2023 -- Sydney Leday was one of two people who were also shot the night TakeOff was killed. She shared her story about that night exclusively with KHOU 11. She said she was out celebrating her birthday when she got caught in the crossfire. She spent a week in the hospital. Listen to her story in the video below.

Her mom also spoke to KHOU 11 and described the call she got from her daughter after she was shot.

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