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Man accused of stealing dozens of panties, clothing from 3 different women at Pasadena apartment complex

Jacob Davidson, 29, is behind bars after being arrested for three counts of burglary of habitation. His bond has been set at $50,000 for each count.

A man is in custody after being accused of stealing dozens of underwear and clothing items from three different women who live at an apartment complex in Pasadena.

According to court documents, 29-year-old Jacob Davidson is a serial burglar who particularly targets women for their clothing items.

“I opened my panty drawer and stuff I saw that I had multiple panties missing. I told my mom there is a lot of my personal panties gone,” Lacy Guajardo said.

Guajardo is just one of three of Davidson’s alleged victims.

On June 9, Davidson allegedly forced his way inside of her apartment, in the 7800 block of Spencer Highway, by breaking down her front door and stole 30 pairs of her underwear. He also took her makeup and makeup brushes and an unknown amount of clothing, according to court documents.

“Even worse when the detective told us that when he went into his apartment, and he opened one of his drawers that he had the drawers so full of panties, they just kind of shot out,” Guajardo said.

On June 12, Davidson reportedly committed the same crime at the same apartment complex, this time a different victim. 

This woman told police a man broke into her apartment and stole 10 pairs of her underwear, her makeup, $500 in cash and some of her clothes.

The woman later identified Davidson as the suspect.

The third burglary, according to court documents, happened on July 9. Police met up with a woman who stayed at the apartment complex on Spencer Highway and told them a man broke into her apartment using a key she accidentally left outside her door. 

He allegedly took off with 15 pairs of her underwear, makeup, bras, swimsuits and some of her clothes. He also stole some of her and her daughter's dirty clothes, the court documents read. 

Police were able to identify Davidson as the suspect who committed all of these crimes with the help of surveillance video.

Davidson was arrested and admitted to the burglaries. He apparently told police he would follow the women's patterns and target them specifically for their clothes. 

Court documents revealed that Davidson was already on parole for burglary of habitation and has been previously convicted of burglary of habitation, burglary of a building and enticing a child. 

According to the CBS station in Austin back in 2019 he was accused of stealing underwear from the laundry room at St. Edward’s University.

“I don’t think I am ever going to get over the fear of someone watching it’s just an awful feeling to get over,” Guajardo said.

But even more shocking, he wrote the victims a letter explaining himself.

“I didn’t want to read the whole thing” Guajardo said. “He said he is in the process of transferring into a woman. That wasn’t an excuse for me.”

And for this victim, she says Davidson didn’t just steal her panties. He did much more.

“There was times I sit in my car and I didn’t want to come home,” she said. “Cause it was just an awful feeling knowing someone was in my room someone was in my drawers I didn’t want to come home.

His bond has been set at $150,000. 

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