HOUSTON – A man will spend time in prison for the deaths of a Houston pastor and his wife.

Jesse and Maria Sabillion were killed April 12, 2016. The vehicle they were in was hit during a street race between a truck and a car.

The truck’s driver, Alexis de la Rosa Sosa pleaded guilty to four felony charges, and a judge sentenced him to 12 years in prison for each charge.

He will serve them concurrently.

Pastor Jesse Sabillion and his wife Maria were killed less than five miles from their home. Early last year, the elderly couple was in their car headed home after visiting a newborn baby.

De la Rosa Sosa was racing his truck against a car. The truck ran a red light in northwest Harris County and hit the Sabillions’ car.

Sosa fled the scene and hid in some woods for three days before turning himself in.

The victims’ family locked arms and prayed just before Tuesday morning’s court hearing.

“We won’t let it define us,” promised Allan Sabillion. He’s the youngest of three sons who continue to grieve the loss of their parents. “We won’t let it make who we are. We will overcome it.”

The Sabillion family addressed Alexis de la Rosa Sosa in the courtroom. Allan Sabillion read a series of victim impact statements.

“It’s been a nightmare. It’s been tragic for my brothers and I. It’s a nightmare on a constant loop that we just can’t wake up from. And we’re hoping that today, with this we can find some closure and move on. No sentence… no plea…,” Allan Sabillion, victims’ son said. “It’s just a nightmare on a constant loop that we just can’t wake up from.. And overcome this.”

The youngest son read several statements that mentioned forgiveness of the street racer, details about who Jesse and Maria Sabillion were and what the loss means to the family.

Before de la Rosa was taken away, he asked the family to forgive him.

They in turn, asked him for details about the other driver involved in that deadly street racing wreck.

“We will triumph, and just like our parents taught us, we will always be joyful and full of the holy spirit at all times,” said Sabillion.