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'Obsession killed him': Family says man killed by deputies after drive-by shooting obsessed over daughter for years

Before he was shot and killed by deputies, Javier Alanis opened fire at the home of a woman he had allegedly been obsessing over for years.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — New information is coming out about the suspect deputies shot and killed during a chase early Monday morning.

The chase began after the man opened fire at the home of a woman he had allegedly been obsessing over for years. Lydia said the man who was killed was Javier Alanis. She said Alanis had gone to school with her daughter since middle school. In high school, she said Alanis became fixated on her.

"He was obsessed. That's not a crush at all," Lydia said. "Lifetime movies. My daughter said, yes, this is a Lifetime movie. His obsession killed him."

What happened

Lydia said she woke up early Monday morning to the sound of gunfire. Surveillance video recorded a man firing several shots into her home.

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"We just heard three bangs, boom boom boom. I thought I was dreaming," Lydia said.

She called 911. When Harris County Precinct 1 deputy constables arrived, the suspect, later identified as Alanis, sped away, authorities said. He ditched his car and ran. When he got cornered by officers at a nearby gas station, authorities said, Alanis started shooting. Deputies said they fired back and killed him.

The obsession

"I've known him since he was a teenager," Lydia said.

She said Alanis would stop by her house uninvited three times a week, oftentimes dropping off flowers, chocolates or food. It continued long after her daughter moved away.

"I would tell him numerous times, 'Javier, stop coming, she doesn't live here,' but he was, like, 'I don't believe you, I don't believe you,'" Lydia said.

On June 7, Alanis showed up at the house again, but this time, Lydia called the police and had him arrested for trespassing.

"He literally told the cops he wasn't going to stop until he gets her because he loves her," Lydia said.

Two months later, on Monday morning, Alanis returned, this time with a gun.

"That's what breaks my heart. Why'd you do this? Why?" Lydia said.

Lydia said she's sad Alanis ended up being gunned down by deputies, but she's now at peace knowing her daughter is safe.

"I don't know where his mind was at all," Lydia said.

Lydia said her daughter lives in Austin and has been told what happened.

No officers were injured in the shooting, but it does remain under investigation.

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