HOUSTON — A man died after police say he was beaten with a large stick overnight.

A witness and friend of the victim told police the incident was over $15 the victim owed the suspect.

The suspect was wearing a white, blue and red FILA jacket and was driving a gray 2006 to 2008 Dodge Charger.

It happened inside a food store on Liberty Road near the Eastex Freeway in northeast Houston.

One witness told Houston police he heard the man carrying a large stick or wooden dowel say the man he beat with it owes him money.

Police say that suspect walked inside the Liberty Food Market just before midnight late Tuesday and struck a man at the counter in the forehead.

Police release pictures of suspect accused in beating death of another man

As the victim staggered away, police say the suspect struck him in the head again, and the victim collapsed.

A few minutes later, the suspect and two other people carried the victim outside.

People from the neighborhood performed CPR on the victim, who later died at LBJ Hospital.