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Calvin Harris (no, not that one) attempts to carjack woman stopped at red light in N. Harris County

The woman was in her car with her two younger children when the man opened the passenger side door, sat down and demanded her keys and purse.
Credit: Precinct 4
Calvin Harris is in jail for theft and criminal trespass after deputies said he jumped into a family's car while they were stopped at a red light

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — A man is behind bars after deputies said he jumped into a family’s car and demanded their car keys and a woman's purse. 

A woman told Precinct 4 deputies that she was riding in her car with her two young kids when a man, identified as 37-year-old Calvin Harris, opened the passenger door of her car and sat down. She then said he attempted to steal her purse and remove the keys from the ignition.

The woman said she was in fear for her family’s life, so she pulled into a nearby gas station to try to fight him off, but he ran away.

Constable deputies were able to find Harris at a Circle K gas station not too far from where the crime took place.

Further investigation revealed he had a previous criminal trespass issued to him from the Circle K gas station.

Harris was arrested and booked into Harris County Jail on a theft and criminal trespass charge. His bond was set at $100 for the theft and $200 for the criminal trespass charge.