PASADENA, Texas — A 30-year-old mail carrier has been charged after court records said he exposed himself to a woman inside her apartment in Pasadena.

This incident happened on March 7. 

Documents revealed the suspect, Byron Milton, frequently delivered the woman's mail. At some point, the woman told Milton to hold her packages because she was going out of town. 

When she came back home, she said Milton came to her apartment to check on her and then asked to use the restroom. 

She said yes.

A short time later, he walked out of the restroom with his pants down and told the woman his groin was hurting. She told detectives she gave him some Salonpas patches and later asked him to leave.

Court documents said Milton went back to the restroom and took a long time to come back out. The woman said she went to check up on him and that's when she found him naked from the waist down in her restroom and he was masturbating. 

The woman said she told him to stop and leave her apartment. 

Milton eventually stopped and left, court records said. 

Detectives spoke to Milton a few days later and he admitted to being in the woman's house in uniform but said he was off duty. He said he did take his pants off without permission and exposed himself by accident, according to court documents.

He also told detectives he used his position as a mail carrier to meet the woman and knew his actions were inappropriate. 

Milton was arrested and charged with indecent exposure but has since made bond. His next court date is scheduled for June 20.