HOUSTON — A Houston man was shocked when he looked in on his home cameras and saw a burglary unfolding right before his eyes.

Afternoon drive radio personality Kevin Quinn with KRBE, installed surveillance cameras at his home in hopes of deterring thieves.

“You know, people are going to look at that and they won’t mess with us or our property,” said Quinn.

It just so happened that on Wednesday those cameras paid off.

Quinn was at work thinking about his brand-new patio being built at home when he decided to peek in on his cameras to look at the progress. Instead he witnessed his contractor’s tools being stolen in real time.

“I saw a guy in a vest kind of skulking around my yard looking around. At first I didn’t think anything of it because I just thought it was a dude looking to read the meter.”

“Next thing I know he’s starting to mess around with one of the empty trucks and he starts unloading stuff from their tool box and putting in his trunk! Then I knew he wasn’t a meter reader.”

The thief stole about$ $1,000 worth of tools from Brandon Dyche owner of Creative Scape Designs.

“I wished I could do something,” said Quinn. “I was watching it happen in real time so it was so upsetting.”

The thief was driving a 2014 Mustang convertible and Quinn was able to get a clear picture of his face.

“I just wanted to get a good shot of his face so I had a really good chance of catching this guy.”

Which proves as a reminder to thieves; just because you don’t see anyone doesn’t mean they don’t see you.

“I guess there’s no accounting for stupid.”

If you recognize the man in the surveillance video please contact Houston Police.