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Man relieved roommate now in custody after allegedly robbing, kidnapping him in EaDo neighborhood

Joshua DeLoach is accused of robbing and kidnapping his roommate, Justin Iwuji, after he was told he had to move out for not paying rent.

HOUSTON — The man who was allegedly robbed and kidnapped by his roommate is breathing a sigh of relief after learning the suspect is now in custody after being on the run for a few days.

Joshua DeLoach, 29, turned himself into police Thursday. He is being charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault.  

His alleged victim, Justin Iwuji, said he's been working to put this nightmare behind him.

"I have never had a loaded weapon pointed at me before,” Iwuji said.

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The news of DeLoach's arrest has allowed Iwuji to breathe a little easier.

“It gave me a little bit of peace of mind, especially knowing that he's been at large the last few days," he said. 

Deloach was seen on Ring video allegedly threatening Iwuji with a gun.

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Iwuji said his former roommate stole money and valuables, covered his head, tied him up with duct tape and drove off with him in the back of an SUV.

Iwuji said he’s still working through the trauma.

“It’s tough, I’ve never experienced anything like this. Physically there are minor injuries, right now I don’t know what type of trauma it’s going to cause long-term," he told reporter Brittany Ford.

Iwuji said had met Deloach in 2019 and he was someone he called a friend. 

"We met initially at an LA fitness where guys always get together to play several times a week. That's how I initially meet him and become friends. We would all go out socially in the Houston scene," Iwuji said. 

Deloach was renting a room in Iwuji's townhome in Eado over the last year but Iquji said he asked him to move out after he was two months behind on rent.

Iwuji said two weeks after that conversation is when the incident unfolded.

“No plans for any future roommates unless it’s my wife,” he said.

Iwjui says he’s moving out of town for work in the next month and looking forward to a fresh start.

“'Hoping to have some peace of mind and get the mental help that I need to be good and move forward again," he said.

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