HOUSTON – Investigators say a woman admitted to drugging an underage female relative so that she would have sex with the woman’s boyfriend.

According to court documents, Judd Thomas Denley and Isabel Robinson are charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child, trafficking of persons, sexual performance of a child, promotion of child pornography and compelling prostitution of a minor.

Both have been arrested, court documents state. Denley was expected to go before a judge on Wednesday.

Investigators with the Houston Police Department said the charges stem from an incident on or about March 22 at a residence in the southeast Houston.

Investigators said that a teen victim disclosed the alleged encounters with the suspects on March 30 and that they involved them getting her intoxicated, sexually assaulting her, recording her sexual assault and give her money for the sexual acts.

The victim told investigators she went to visit Robinson and asked her if she could borrow some money. Robinson told her that she didn’t have any, but that she would give the teen money if she had sex with her boyfriend Denley.

Court documents state that Denley and Robinson had been together for four years. The woman said she would pay the victim $200 to have sex with him.

Investigators said that on March 22, Robinson brought Denley over to meet the teen at an apartment. The victim said that after school, Robinson gave her an alcoholic beverage and marijuana.

The victim told investigators that she got really drunk and high and that Robinson told her that Denley was going to have sex with her that day. The victim added that she could barely walk.

The victim said she Denley gave her something he made to drink, court documents state. She added that the drink made her feel even worse.

The victim told investigators that Denley sexually assaulted her three times, including one instance where Robinson stood in the room and recorded the assault on her cell phone.

The victim did not return to school that week, but told someone about the assault at school when she returned, court documents state. She then took the Robinson’s cell phone which was used to record the assault and turned it into the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office.

After the phone was turned over to HPD, a search warrant was obtained and text messages between Robinson and Denley talking about meeting up with the victim were retrieved from the device.

Investigators said they also found two videos of the sexual assault on the cell phone.

On May 17, investigators met with Robinson and she stated that Denley and she had been having a four-year affair, which continued while they both worked at Minute Maid Park.

Robinson told investigators that they had an active sex life and that she and Denley had involved multiple sex partners. She said that he eventually asked to have sex with the teen victim and that she was “a little apprehensive” about doing it.

Robinson told investigators that Denley threatened to tell her husband about their affair. The woman added that she recorded the sexual assault as a way to blackmail Denley if he wanted to end their affair.