A Houston couple has been charged with stealing luggage from a baggage claim area at Bush IAH.

Charles Gilbert Jr., 23, and Dwanae Jorden, 21, are charged with felony theft.

Carre Bates called police after her daughter's bag turned up missing when they flew back from Italy. The airline confirmed the bag was on the flight.

"She had packed all of her best and favorite things. There was a pillow in the bag that she had had since she was a baby," Bates said. "Working for United, I refused to accept the bag was just missing and no one knew where it was."

Charles Gilbert Jr. and Dwanae Jorden (HPD) 
Charles Gilbert Jr. and Dwanae Jorden (HPD) 

Police used a surveillance camera to identify Gilbert and Jorden.

"So we got on the cameras we have access to. We looked and sure enough, someone came in off the street, picked the luggage off the carousel, and walked right out," said HPD Sgt. Bridget Lummus.

When they arrested Gilbert and Jorden, police say, they found a flight attendant's bag in their car. It had been stolen that day.

Jorden told investigators they'd been stealing bags from terminals A and C at IAH almost every day since February.

"They said they were having hard times. They didn't have any money," Sgt. Lummus said. "They didn't really want to go steal from a store, so they thought the best place to come... was at the airport.

Bates is pretty sure her daughter's stuff is gone for good. But she says it's nice knowing the people accused of taking it will likely be locked up for a long time.