HOUSTON -- A convenience store clerk turned the tables on two suspected robbers Monday evening when he fatally shot both as they apparently tried to rob the store.

The shooting happened at the Super-K convenience store on Beechnut street near Jorine drive. Police said one suspect is still on the run.

Surveillance video showed the men racing out of the store almost as quickly as they ran inside.

"They go inside, they beat Brian, my son-in-law, up," said Alden Tu, the owner of the store.

Police said the men stormed in and demanded money and when the clerks didn't comply, they pistol-whipped one of them.

Luckily, the owner's brother was on the other side of the store.

Raw video: Store clerk opens fire on suspect robbers

"If today everyone was behind the counter, they all get trouble. He's lucky my brother wasn't behind the counter," Tu said.

Investigators spent most of the evening reviewing surveillance video

"I went into the store and it happened to be the person that I know," said one woman, who didn't give out her name.

She said she put pressure on the head of the clerk who was beat up by the robbers. "I thought they shot him in the head but when I looked at the back of his head, you could see it was from them hitting him in his head," the woman added.

She said she's thankful she didn't go into this store a few minutes earlier because she had planned to get money from the ATM.

"The bullet that was by the ATM would've have maybe been the bullet that hit me in my head," she added.

Police advise clerks in this situation to give in to the demands of robber. The owner here said everyone is armed because of how dangerous the area is.