HOUSTON — Crime scene tape shutdown parts of Main Street on Thursday, while police investigated what they believe was a robbery turned into a shootout that left one person injured.

Detective Norman Wallace with the Houston Police Department's Robbery Division told KHOU 11 News three men went into the mid-rise apartment complex at 2310 Main Street, then up to the building's fifth floor. 

Wallace said the group kicked in the victim's apartment door and once inside collected several "items." During the robbery, Wallace said the tenant pulled out a gun and shot at the group, but apparently missed.

Police said the group of men were able to make it back outside of the building, where one turned and shot the tenant in the torso. 

According to HPD, that man has been taken to a Houston hospital and is expected to survive, adding the man was home with his girlfriend then the robbery and shooting happened. 

Officers haven't released a detailed description of the men they are looking for.


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