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HPD officer resigns after being accused of exposing himself to woman with his 2-year-old son nearby

The HPD officer has been identified as William McCoy, 25. He was initially relieved of duty by the department before resigning on Monday, August 28.

HOUSTON — A Houston Police Department officer resigned Thursday after being accused of exposing himself to two women in the Humble area. 

The officer has been identified as William Logan McCoy, 25. He's charged with two counts of indecent exposure and one count of indecency with a child after being accused of exposing himself to one of the women with his 2-year-old nearby. 

We were there as McCoy got out of the Harris County Jail Thursday night.  He didn't answer our questions, though at one point he started to whistle. 

As he stood on a street corner, a group of people who had heard the story began to heckle him.  All the while, McCoy stood stone-faced.

McCoy was initially relieved of duty Monday from HPD before resigning. He had been assigned to HPD's North Belt Patrol Division and joined the department in March 2021.

Investigation into former HPD officer William McCoy

Warning graphic details below

According to court documents, McCoy is accused of exposing himself to two different women on two different occasions. 

The first incident reportedly happened on August 24.

Court documents said a woman was sitting in her car in the parking lot of Hobby Lobby on the Eastex Freeway in Humble when a man got out of his white Honda Civic and approached her driver's side door. The woman said the man performed a lewd act.

The woman told investigators she honked her car several times for help.

"The man then shrugged his shoulders as a gesture as if to say 'what' then walked towards his white passenger car that she believed was a Honda, pushing a shopping cart out of his way in the progress," court documents read.

The man got in his car and left.

A Humble police officer was able to review surveillance video from the Hobby Lobby. The officer said though the video was consistent with the information the woman provided, he couldn't quite make out what the man was doing when he saw her standing next to her vehicle.

The very next day, Humble police got a similar call from another woman who said a man had exposed himself to her while she was standing next to her car that was parked in the Macy's parking lot of Dearbrook Mall. This Macy's is just two minutes from the Hobby Lobby.

In the court records, the woman said a man in a white or silver Honda approached her and asked her if she was having car trouble. The woman told investigators that she had walked to the car to respond to the man and when she peeked through the window, she saw the man with his pants down, exposing himself, court documents read. 

The woman told investigators that the man performed a lewd act in front of her. 

She also told investigators that she saw a young child, who looked to be about 18 months old, in a forward-facing car seat in the backseat of the man's car. 

According to court documents, the man drove off after touching himself, but the woman was able to get his license plate and put it in her cellphone. 

Law enforcement databases were able to tie the Honda Civic to McCoy. Once investigators were able to identify him as the vehicle's owner, they got his picture from his license plate and both women were able to positively identify him, court records read. 

Investigators called McCoy who identified himself as an HPD officer and admitted to everything, even telling investigators that he had his son with him when he exposed himself to one of the women. 

According to court records, McCoy was not on duty during these incidents and he did what he did in hopes the women would be "happy with what they see" and say "It's nice."

McCoy was given a $100 bond for each indecent exposure charge and a $5,000 bond for indecency with a child exposure. 

His next court date is scheduled for September 7.

Read the full statement from HPD below:

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