What looked like a family’s dream rental home has turned into a nightmare eviction thanks to a convicted felon with a long rap sheet.

“I want (him) to rot in jail and that’s honest,” victim Natrese Guillory told KHOU 11 News.

Guillory lost nearly lost $3,000 in an online scam. In July, she searched Craigslist for homes where she found an ad for a home in the 19000 block of Plantation Bend Lane promised no credit checks and an easy move-in.

“With me trying to get into a home with no credit, that was a bonus for me,” she said.

Guillory called a woman named Diana Judith Estrada, who gave Natrese the code for the home’s lock box. Once inside, Guillory fell in love. Within hours, a man named Daniel Craig Edwards called claiming to be the Realtor. He offered to sublease the space for cash.

Daniel Craig Edwards has a long rap sheet.
Daniel Craig Edwards has a long rap sheet.

Days later inside Memorial City Mall, Guillory signed a lease in exchange for $2,950.

The morning after she moved in, the real owners of the home came knocking.

“I opened the door and (the manager for the real estate company) was like, ‘Can I help you,’” Guillory said. “I said, ‘I’ve leased this property. Can I help you?’ He says, ‘No, I’m from (the management company) and this is our property.’”

They told Guillory her keys were copies and gave her 24 hours to get out. She immediately called Edwards and Estrada who claimed the money was already gone.

“I said 'you’re full of crock,'” Guillory told KHOU 11. “'You scammed me out of some money.' All I told him is 'God is watching and you will get caught.' I told her the same thing. Every time she answered the phone I told her 'you are wrapped up in a scam artist, whether you know it or not.'”

Though prosecutors have charged both Edwards and Estrada with felony theft, neither is in custody. Their Craigslist ad appears to be gone. Still, Guillory can’t help wondering who is going to be next.

“I just hope that (investigators are) able to catch these two people so nobody suffers like my family and my two kids did,” she said.