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Gunman shoots teen twice, then kicks him while on the ground, police say

Police said the shooter ran up to the teen, shot him twice, and then kicked him while he was on the ground.

HOUSTON — A 15-year-old boy is likely paralyzed after being shot twice in the back in southeast Houston early Thursday, according to police.

This happened just after midnight near a gas station on Clearwood Street near Meldrum Lane.

Houston police said the teen stopped at the gas station to buy himself a bag of chips and a drink. He left after his card got declined and went across the street.

That is when police said someone ran up to him and opened fire. After shooting the teen, the gunman then stood over him and kicked him several times before running away.

Now around the same time the shooter appeared, police said a white car also pulled up but it's unclear at this time if it's related to this shooting.

Police said they do not have a motive in the shooting or a clear description of the shooter other than he appeared to be a large man wearing a gray or white hoodie.

Investigators said they do have surveillance video from the gas station which they are reviewing for clues. They are confident they will be able to figure out who the shooter is.

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