HOUSTON — A former Houston sex shop employee who repeatedly robbed the business at gunpoint was sentenced to 60 years in prison Thursday.

James Verdine, 50, was convicted late Wednesday for a 2017 robbery, in which he pointed a pistol at a Zona D Erotica clerk and demanded all the cash in the register.

“He made her choose between her life and handing over the cash,” said Assistant District Attorney Kimberly Ikegbunam Nwabeke. “At any instant, he could have pulled the trigger and taken an innocent life.”

Prosecutors said Verdine had robbed the same establishment several times but had not been caught until witnesses came forward to assist authorities.

He worked at the sex shop briefly in 2016 but did not work with any of the persons he robbed.

Verdine was on parole at the time of the Zona D Erotica robbery, after serving 20 years for 1991 burglary and auto-theft related charges.