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'When's it going to be enough?' | Violent week for Houston-area schools with shootings, brutal beating and brawl

No one can say for sure what may be behind some of this school violence, which is a lot more visible thanks to social media.

HOUSTON — Friday brought an end to a violent week for Houston-area schools that included two shootings, a brutal beatdown and a brawl.

The most recent incident happened Thursday at Spring High School.

A cell phone video, shared with KHOU 11 by someone who works at the school, was posted on a private Facebook page. It shows Spring ISD police officers and others breaking up at least one large fight in the cafeteria.

The district said Friday it was still investigating what happened during lunchtime on Thursday.  

"It’s a very scary place for students right now,” said parent DeWayne Rawls.

Rawls has a daughter and sister at Spring High School and, like teachers, students and other parents have told us, he said there were numerous fights on Thursday alone.

"My daughter came home from school yesterday and reported to me that there were somewhere between seven, eight or nine,” Rawls said.

A brutal beatdown inside HISD’s Sterling High School resulted in assault charges this week against two juvenile students. 

That was a day after the shooting of a former Kashmere High School student by a current student, according to HPD. 

That happened in a park just off campus near neighbor Rosalind Leonard’s home.

"It’s like they shooting back and forth at each other, you know, like they do in the western," Leonard said. "Pow, pow, pow, pow.”

The week began with news of the shooting death of a 14-year-old Porter High School student in the Kingwood area that may be related to an incident at school.

A fellow student was arrested and charged with murder two days later.

"Do we have to wait until someone else loses their life before we do something?" Rawls said. "We need to be proactive rather than reactive. When’s it going to be enough?”

No one can say for sure what may be behind some of this violence, which is a lot more visible thanks to social media.

More than one Spring High teacher told us they believe beefs built up during remote learning may be coming to head as more students return to school. 

Spring ISD released the following statement:

"The incident at Spring High School on Thursday, Sept. 23, was a result of one altercation in the cafeteria, with several contributing incidents. The school was placed on a hold after the altercation and did not experience any further disruptions.

"While the principal was involved in defusing the incident, he did not sustain injuries. One student, who was not part of the disruption in the cafeteria, received medical attention and was treated and released from the hospital."

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