HOUSTON — Nearly 24 hours after being shot during a gun battle a Houston police officer is home resting.

Chief Art Acevedo said Officer Jasmine Selle was shot in the right arm following a chase in southwest Houston late on Friday night.

Selle has only been on the force for two-and-half years.

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Houston Police Officer’s Union Vice President Douglas Griffith said the officer is lucky to be alive.

“Our job is to be home with our family, taking care of them. Not in the hospital with wounds from somebody like this,” Griffith said.

Griffith says Officer Selle was alone when she encountered the suspect and he began shooting.

Chief Acevedo said Officers Kevin Smith and Israel Maldonado arrived to assist the injured officer who helped take down the suspect.

Griffith said those officers came from outside their district.

“They immediately put a tourniquet on our officer, got her to the hospital using a patrol unit as quick as possible. Thank god she’s OK,” Griffith said. 

He called the way the officer handled herself under pressure impressive.

“Very calm, cool and collected the whole time during this incident,” he said. “In fact it’s my understanding that one of the officers said, ‘Hey, are you hit?’; Selle responded, ‘Yeah, but I’m good. Stay in the fight.’”

The suspect died at the scene.

Griffith said these officers put their lives on the line every day wearing the badge.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, you go out there. You suit up the same. You have the same gear. You go out there and just do your job,” Griffith said.

The officers will be placed administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

The shooting was captured on body cams.