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One man shot, another thrown from Mercedes during deadly carjacking, police say

Police said two men were taken into custody in connection to the deadly series of events which started at a gas station on Monroe and Fuqua.

HOUSTON — Two men died when police say one of them was shot during a carjacking and the other was thrown from a car early Monday morning.

Houston police said two men were taken into custody in connection to the deadly series of events.

This all started at about 1:45 a.m. when two men in a white Mercedes met up with two men in a black Nissan Altima at a gas station at Monroe and Fuqua.

Investigators said the two groups were involved in some sort of a transaction. The passenger from the Nissan got into the Mercedes and fired multiple rounds inside of the vehicle, hitting the driver.

The driver of the Mercedes got out of the vehicle and ran into the gas station. Police said he was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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Investigators said officers found a large quantity of cash, which the original driver of the Mercedes lost as he ran towards the gas station.

After the shooter opened fire, he jumped into the driver’s seat of the Mercedes and sped off with the original front passenger still in the vehicle, police said. The gunmen later threw out that passenger during a chase.

That passenger was later transported to a local hospital where he also was pronounced dead. Police said it is unclear at this time if he was shot or killed by the fall from the Mercedes.

Police were chasing the Mercedes when the driver eventually lost control of the vehicle and crashed on Dixie Farm Road near Beamer, investigators said. The driver was taken into custody for questioning.

The driver of the Nissan sped off from the original shooting scene at the gas station. Police said a person of interest was later detained at a residence tied to the Nissan.

Investigators said they have good surveillance video of the incident from the gas station that shows a struggle in the Mercedes as well as the shooting.

“You can see some sort of physical altercation inside, then you see gun shots,” HPD Sgt. Michael Arrington, with Homicide Division, said. “The driver exits the front driver’s door and runs into the store. As the suspect then attempts to put on a mask then jumps into the driver’s seat to drive off.”

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