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Texas Equusearch finds no bodies in Pasadena backyard of 'Candy Man' serial killer; will search other areas

Equusearch founder Tim Miller said he's in constant contact with Dean Corll's accomplice, Elmer Wayne Henley, and believes there could be 20 more victims.

PASADENA, Texas — Texas Equusearch finished its search in Pasadena Friday for more possible victims of "Candy Man" Dean Corll, Elmer Wayne Henley and David Brooks.

They found no human remains so Equusearch founder Tim Miller says they'll move on to other locations linked to the Houston Mass Murders. Miller believes as many as 20 more victims might be buried across the area based on his conversations with Henley.

He said Henley might even join him from prison when they look for more gravesites. 

At least 28 boys were raped, tortured and murdered from 1970 until 1973 when Henley killed Corll. The boys were lured to Corll's home with promises of drugs or treats from his parents' candy shop in the Heights. Most of the victims were from that area and police wrote them off as runaways when they vanished.


Miller says he wrote a letter to Henley in jail asking for help. Henley wrote back, saying more bodies could've been buried in Corll's backyard.

"He [Henley] said, 'I was not there to see them do anything or be involved with anything in that backyard. But as well as I knew Dean, it's one of the spots you probably need to eliminate.'"

He also says that if they didn't find any victims at Corll's house, then they will look at other locations they were advised to check. That includes the Heights area where most of the victims either lived or had connections to. Dean Corll's family also owned a candy shop in the Heights, hence the nickname "Candy Man."

While no one was found this week, Tim Miller still calls the search a success. He says many have wondered for decades if more bodies were in the back of the home where many of the victims were killed. Now, they have a definitive answer.

"it's a double edge sword," said Miller. "I was hoping we wouldn't find anything but then again, I was hoping we would. Because there's families out there still wondering and there's families who were thinking, this backyard right here."

Editor's Note: The following video was uploaded on Nov 11

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