HOUSTON – Cars are disappearing across Houston and for the first time, police are getting a look at the high-tech way thieves are breaking in.

"They were very professional, kind of made you feel kinda like you've been invaded," said David Payne, who had a Jeep stolen from his home in Hyde Park.

When this dad looked back at his home security cameras, he realized how his daughter's red Jeep disappeared.

"There must be something going on. You can see the guy walk up with the computer and pop the door," said Payne.

In the video there are two men. The first walks up and lifts the hood, appearing to cut off the alarm. Ten minutes later, a second man hops inside, fumbles around on a laptop, then backs the Jeep right out of the driveway.

Watch: Suspect hacks car with computer

"Around 1 a.m., someone came and drove off with my truck," said Charles Shade, who had his Dodge Ram stolen from his home in Oak Forest.

"They are either scanning it from the dash or they've got dealer technology and they are coming in," said Shade.

Police say they've seen later model Jeeps, Grand Cherokees and Dodge Rams targeted across the city.

"It's everywhere. If you've got a group that knows how to steal a certain model vehicle, that's what they are going to go after consistently and steal," said Jim Woods with the Houston Police Department's Auto Theft Unit.

Leaving this dad wondering if there's anything he can do to protect his family.

"That kind of makes you a little bit uncomfortable,” Payne said. “With all the electronics in the cars now, a guy can just get a computer and scan some program and pop your doors—I don't know how much is safe.”

Investigators say most of these cars have not been recovered. Often times they end up in chop shops or shipped in cargo containers overseas.

Year to year, however, auto thefts in Houston are down, police said.

If you have any information on these cases, call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS or HPD Auto Theft at 713-308-3500.