GALVESTON, Texas- Police are investigating the deaths of a husband and wife in their Galveston home on Monday morning.

According to the Galveston Police Department, a family member discovered 91-year-old Byron Everts and 40-year-old Dulce Everts dead in their home located in the 7600 block Beluche Drive around 11 a.m.

Police said it was Byron's son who found them.

Photo: KHOU
Photo: KHOU

Neighbors told investigators they heard gunshots earlier that morning.

Police said they aren't looking for suspects and haven't released how they died. They did say the deaths don't appear to be natural.

"At this point, we are not ruling out anything," said Lt. Joshua Schirard. "We are not confirming anything, but we can say with certain confidence that there are no other suspects we are searching for."

Family members believe it was a murder-suicide.

“My friend told me... the guy, the husband shoot until my sister and then he kill," said Angie Lopez, the wife's sister.

Relatives said Byron had recently fallen very ill, and his wife was caring for him around the clock. They also said they never saw any warning signs leading to this.

An image of 40-year-old Dulce Everts. (Photo provided by family)
An image of 40-year-old Dulce Everts. (Photo provided by family)

Police don't believe the public is in any danger.