KATY, Texas - A former Fort Bend County Sheriff's deputy has been charged with sexual assault.

Jeffrey Bell, 44, is accused of sexually assaulting his girlfriend in January at her Katy-area home.

Bell sexually assaulted the woman after they began to talk about ending the relationship, according to court documents. The couple had been dating for about nine months, the documents stated.

Bell allegedly threw the victim down and put his forearm across her neck, causing her pain and hindering her breathing.

According to court documents, when the victim confronted Bell with an audio recording of them talking about the sexual assault, Bell could be heard apologizing and asking her not to involve the police.

The documents add Bell also told a friend, who is a sex crimes investigator with the Waller County Sheriff's Department, about the sexual assault.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office officials says Bell resigned from the department Feb. 10.

Bell's next scheduled court appearance is Aug. 10.