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Father gunned down as he carried daughter's birthday cake into Chuck E. Cheese in Humble

A 24-year-old father was shot and killed outside the restaurant where the family had gathered to celebrate his 6-year-old daughter's birthday.

HOUSTON — A widow is asking for your help tonight after her husband was gunned down outside a Chuck E. Cheese in Humble. She’s hoping someone can help find the person responsible for his death.

Calogero Dueñes, 24, was shot and killed outside the the restaurant where the family had gathered to celebrate his 6-year-old daughter's birthday. Dueñes was carrying his daughter's birthday cake when someone shot him.

"We had just gotten off, I had gotten my daughters off I was going to get the stamps and get them prepared when their dad came in," wife Amber Uresti said.

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"He ran in and he was screaming, 'I got shot, I got shot.' I ran out behind him,  my daughters ran out behind me, they saw him lying on the floor," Uresti said. "I have not seen my husband since he was on the floor. They didn’t even allow me to go with him. I didn’t even spend the last moments with him."

Uresti is still in disbelief that she’s planning a funeral for her young husband.

The Humble Police Department say a young man driving the wrong way down the parking lane had words with the Dueñes in the parking lot. They say the suspect pulled out a gun and shot Dueñes, then sped away in a Ford vehicle.

 "I don’t understand how someone could do something like that. He was walking with a cake," Uresti said. 

She hopes the police can soon find the person responsible.

" I just hope he is found quickly for the safety of the community, as well as he could do this to anybody else, a child, anybody," Uresti said.

She hopes that despite this tragedy her daughters remember their father as the great man he was.

"Loving, caring father, husband; he was so silly and playful; he was the class clown in high school," Uresti said.

Dueñes will be buried in Corpus Christi. The family has set up a gofundme.com account to help with funeral expenses.

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