HOUSTON - The family of a woman killed by her neighbor in Spring is speaking out.

Relatives of Ana Weed spoke during a news conference at their attorney’s office Friday morning.

“She was our rock. She was our glue. She’s going to be missed. I loved her so much. We don’t know what we’re going to do without her and I think it’s so sad,” said Carmen Guillen, the victim’s sister.

Police say Weed was shot and killed by her next-door neighbor, Hector Campos, outside their homes in Spring Tuesday.

Weed’s family members say the altercation began when she chased her dog into Campos’ yard.

The grandmother had recently undergone surgery and was wearing a medical device around her neck, according to relatives. The bullet went right through the device, hitting Weed in the heart.

“My wife was squatted down holding the dog. Hector point blank shot her in the chest with intent to kill,” said Scott Weed, the victim’s husband.

However, loved ones claim tension had been building with their next-door neighbor for months. They say it started when Weed helped the suspect’s wife and child flee to Mexico to escape an abusive relationship.

“Mr. Campos kept cancelling the reservation, so Anna just bought her a ticket and got her out because Mrs. Campos was so fearful,” said Guillen.

“We knew this guy was dangerous. We knew he could probably do something. My mom would tell her, ‘just avoid him’,” said Arnold Aldrete, the victim’s brother.

Campos and his attorney, Jon Parchman, tell a very different story. Parchman says his client did not abuse his wife. Instead, he claims she left on a pre-planned trip to Mexico, which Campos knew about.

He added the shooting was self-defense, and it was not pre-mediated.

“We appreciate the Weed family is very upset at this time. We understand the grief from losing a loved one and will be telling our side of the story very soon,” said Parchman in a written statement.

During his first court appearance, Campos claimed Weed shoved him. He also said he felt threatened by a roll of tape in her hand.

A judge set Campos’ bond at $50,000, which he posted within hours.

“I believe it was planned. It just isn’t right. To see him get out on bail, free to roam the streets, is beyond me. I cannot believe this guys is walking,” said Scott Weed.

“The fact that he’s out and can still harm the family and the people who still continue to assist his wife is very, very frightening to us,” said Tangelique Weed, the victim’s sister-in-law.

The family says they are praying for justice. For them, that means a judge revoking Campos’ bond, then getting a conviction, so he spends the rest of his life in prison.