JEFFERSON COUNTY — Jefferson County deputies and U.S. Marshals arrested a federal inmate outside the prison as he was running back to the prison with a bag of contraband items.

Joshua Hansen, 25, of Dallas, who was serving a federal prison sentence for narcotics charges was arrested and booked in the Jefferson County Correctional Center an a charges of escape and possession of marijuana according to a release from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

Hansen is also being held on a "federal hold" according to the release.

Jefferson County deputies were alerted that inmates were escaping from the back side of the federal prison complex then crossing onto a local rancher's land nearby to pick up contraband and taking it back into the prison according to the release.

Jefferson County narcotics investigators and U.S. Marshals set up surveillance in the area at about 5:45 p.m. Wednesday evening and while there noticed a vehicle enter the rancher's property and leave a large duffel bag the release said.

At about 7:30 p.m. they spotted Hansen run from the prison grounds and grab the duffel bag.

Deputies arrested Hansen as he was running back to the prison with the duffel bag according to the release.

The bag contained three bottles of brandy, a bottle of Whisky, multiple bags of Buglar Tobacco, packaged snacks, fruit and a large amount of home cooked food the release said.

The investigation into Hansen's escape is ongoing.