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Don't be a victim! Police say burglars are using social media to track their targets

Here are some reminders on what NOT to share online.

HOUSTON — Police said burglars are using social media to track their target's movements. 

This comes after an investigation into art thieves tied to home burglaries in River Oaks. Police said the suspects followed their victims’ social media accounts to determine when homeowners would be at work, travel or even host a large party.  

It’s a reminder about how dangerous it is to share too much of your personal life online.

Something as simple as a #vaca on your social media picture can be searched and if you location sharing on, it’s not hard to figure out where you are or where you’re not.

Here are a few simple reminders from the Better Business Bureau:

  • Keep personal information to yourself -- It may seem like common sense but don’t post any financial info, your phone number, email or home address online
  • Avoid location sharing -- People love to post about where they’re going on vacation, but it sure does make it easy for thieves. Instead post when you get back home.
  • Set your photos to the highest privacy setting -- Also, remember family and friends might not have social media on lock down like you. Make sure you know how to untag or ask them to.
  • Go egosurfing – That means Google your name to make sure your info and image aren’t being used by imposters.

The BBB also suggest that you keep your social network small. The bugger your network, the more people have access to your information. They recommend going through your friend list once a year and unfriending anyone you don’t interact with.


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