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Family members hopeful renewed search will find remains of Houston serial killer's victims

Texas Equusearch plans to start searching for remains of serial killer Dean Corll's victims and said they believe as many as 20 could be found.

HOUSTON — One of the country's most notorious serial killers is back in the headlines.

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Dean Corll is responsible for killing at least 28 boys in the 70s. Nearly five decades later, Texas EquuSearch announced plans to resume searching for the remains of victims who have never been never found.

Surviving family members of one of Corll's victims are reacting to the announcement through long-time victim advocate Andy Kahan.

"It's been a long, long journey," Kahan said.

Kahan has been by James and Elaine Dreymala's side since 1992. The couple's 13-year-old son, Stanton, was kidnapped and killed by Corll with the help of two teenage accomplices, Elmer Wayne Henley and David Brooks.

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"It all comes flooding back and it was like it was just yesterday again," said Elaine during a 2018 interview with KHOU 11 News reporter Grace White.

Now, it's Kahan who speaks on their behalf as the Dreymalas battle health issues. They know Texas Equusearch will soon start looking for more victim's remains.

"They're encouraged by what they hear and they're looking forward to what comes of this," Kahan said.

Stanton was Corll's last known victim. He was the 28th boy to be tortured and killed.

"This is one of the most coldblooded, diabolical, sadistic killings in this country's history," Kahan said.

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Tim Miller, with Texas Equusearch, announced there could be up to 20 more victims out there and that may be a conservative estimate.

"We have everything to gain and nothing to lose," Kahan said. "There's always been rumors and talk of other victims. With the advent of technology we have now, it's become pretty clear if there are bodies out there perhaps we can find them."

Finding more bodies won't be easy and could come down to one person.

"Elmer Henley holds the key to a lot of questions and a lot of answers," Kahan said.

With Corll and Brooks now dead, Henley, the teen who lured so many boys to their deaths decades ago, remains in prison living out multiple life sentences.

"I'm hoping for a bolt of lightning and he'll get a conscience and will open up one way or another," Kahan said.

Kahan said he and Miller hope to sit down with Henley to see what more he will reveal. Miller wrote him a letter asking for help, but so far he has not heard back.

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