HUNTSVILLE, Texas - The State of Texas is scheduled to execute three death row inmates this month in Huntsville.

The first, Coy Wayne Wesbrook was executed Wednesday evening around 8 p.m.

Wesbrook is the eighth inmate executed this year in the U.S. and the fourth in Texas, the most active capital punishment state.

The execution was delayed about 90 minutes after a death penalty opponent's late appeal that was rejected hours earlier appeared to be headed to a higher court. 

Wesbrook blamed his ex-wife for the mass-murder he committed in 1997.

"My wife," Wesbrook, 58, said in a recent death row interview in Livingston when asked who he blames for what he did.

"I'm a victim in this as well as everybody else," he said.

"You're still here. They are not," 60 Minutes correspondent Bill Whitaker told him.

"Well I'm not gonna be here much longer now am I," Wesbrook responded. "Come March 9th, I won't be here."

November 1997 Wesbrook went to a Channelview apartment hoping to reconcile with his ex-wife. 

Instead he found a group of five people partying.  He said his ex-wife went into an adjacent room planning to have sex with two men.

Wesbrook went outside to his truck, grabbed his hunting rifle, returned to the apartment and killed his ex-wife Gloria Jean Coons, 32, her roommate Diana Money, 43, and three men: Antonio Cruz, 35, Anthony Rogers, 41, and Kelly Hazlip, 28. He then went outside and waited for police to arrive.

Now, more than 18 years later, Wesbrook says he is ready to die.

"I tell you what," he said to CBS 60 Minutes, "if you got a pill I'll take it right here in front of you and get it over with right now."

"You would take a lethal pill," Whitaker asked.
"Yes I would," Wesbrook said.

Wesbrook is one of three scheduled to be executed by lethal injection in Huntsville this month. Convicted murderers Adam Ward and John Battaglia are next: executions scheduled March 22nd and March 30th.

As for Coy Wayne Wesbrook, he said he only has one question left.

"Everybody wants to and meet Jesus. But I don't know if I'll make it.  I hope St. Peter lets me in the gate."