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Bundles of suspected cocaine are washing up on beaches near Houston, sheriff warns

The sheriff's office warns that if citizens pick up these packages, they risk their health and could face criminal charges.

MATAGORDA COUNTY, Texas — Wrapped up packages of suspected cocaine, about 50 kilos so far, are washing up on beaches south of Houston, the Matagorda County Sheriff’s Office says.

The bundles vary in weight and are wet, so the sheriff’s office says the weight is an estimate at this time as the investigation continues.

A little over 100 pounds of the drug have been found on the beaches in Matagorda County over a period of seven days, the sheriff’s office posted Tuesday on Facebook.

Matagorda is located about 100 miles southwest of Houston.

“All bundles were picked up, processed, photographed and placed into evidence lockers at the Matagorda County Sheriff’s Office for proper disposal,” stated MCSO.

Photos released by MCSO showed some of the packages are wrapped in yellow. Others are darker and have a red horse printed on the wrapping.

“Please keep in mind that if you ever find a suspicious package on the beach, do not touch or pick up the packages. Packages could contain substances that are harmful if touched. Packages could be anything from Marijuana to Fentanyl.”

The sheriff’s office notes that wet packages are even more dangerous because the substance could leak in liquid form and come into contact with a person’s skin. This could lead to sickness or death, depending on the drug found.

It’s also a crime, according to deputies.

“Also once a person picks up the package, that person is in possession of the package and could be charged for the criminal charge of possession.”

If you find a suspicious package on the beach, notify the Matagorda County Sheriff’s Office at 979-245-5526 or contact the sheriff's office in the county where the drugs were found.

In 2019, 2.6 pounds of meth worth $20K were found on Bolivar Peninsula beach. The Chambers County sheriff at that time also cautioned people to not touch the drugs and to instead report them to police.

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