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Body cam footage shows alleged use of excessive force by Baytown police

The body cam video shows the man being knocked to the ground and tased several times by an officer during a traffic stop.

BAYTOWN, Texas — Excessive force and abuse by Baytown police.

Those are the claims being made on Thursday after new body cam video shows a man being knocked to the ground and tased multiple times by a Baytown Police officer.

Kedric Crawford’s attorney is now demanding justice for what he's calling racial issues within the department.

Crawford said things escalated fast on July 6.

In the body cam footage, Crawford is heard asking the officer why he’s been stopped.

While searching his car the officer tells Crawford he’s free to go at any time.

Credit: Baytown Police

However, seconds later the video shows the officer grab Crawford and slam him on the hood of the car and then to the ground.

Baytown police Lieutenant Steve Dorris said Crawford was resisting arrest when the officer tased him.

Crawford said, “I’m not looking at this thing as; I knew that for a fact that they was not trying to just beat up a person. They was actually trying to kill me.”

His wounds from that night are still healing.

His attorney Ben Crump said there’s a big problem at the Baytown Police Department.

“The police actually admit that they were punching him and he had to have stitches above his eye,” Crump said.

In addition, Crump wants to find a third man seen in the video holding Crawford down.

He said Crawford is the latest victim in what he called a pattern of excessive force used by the Baytown Police Department on minorities.

“Baytown, you cannot continue to attack American citizens just because of their color of their skin,” Crump said.

The attorney also represents the family of Pamela Turner.

Turner was shot and killed by a Baytown Police back in May after being stopped by an officer.

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Antoinette James, Turner’s sister said, “The brutality that Baytown Police is enforcing on people is going to continue. It’s just fortunate that by the grace of god that Mr. Kedric wasn’t killed.”

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Lt. Dorris said Turner shot the officer with his own Taser before the shooting.

The case has been turned over to the Texas Rangers.

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As far as Crawford goes, Lt. Dorris said police found what appeared to be drugs in the car.

They have been sent to a lab to get tested.

Crawford is facing an assault on a public servant charge.

Lt. Dorris said they’ve tried several times to talk Crawford but he’s failed to cooperate.

Crump said his client is not going to because he won’t be treated fairly.

The officers involved each have less than two years on the job and are still on duty while this incident is being investigated.


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