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'It's disgusting' | Investigation underway after video of puppy slammed to the ground surfaces at local dog training center

The video appears to have been shot inside TyCalK9 Dog Training Center in Arcola.

ARCOLA, Texas — New video of a dog allegedly being abused in Arcola is sparking outrage on social media. The video surfaced earlier this month and is reportedly shot inside TyCalK9 Dog Training Center.

Now an animal cruelty investigation is underway in Fort Bend County. 

The video shows how a man picks up the puppy by its leash and slams it to the ground. You can hear the puppy whimpering as it tries to get up.

"There was a lot wrong with it," said Jonas Black, a well known dog trainer based in Austin. "That was disgusting. An absolute overuse of force and corrections."

The video has gone viral seen hundreds of thousands of times. 

"People were so outraged at this video and rightfully so," said Black.

The Fort Bend County District Attorney's Office tells KHOU 11 News: 

"The District Attorney's Office is actively investigating an animal cruelty report regarding a video on social media depicting the alleged mistreatment of a dog in Fort Bend County. We cannot share the details as the investigation is ongoing, but we take these matters seriously and do not condone the mistreatment of animals in any regard. A thorough investigation by experienced animal cruelty investigators and prosecutors is underway."

KHOU 11 news repeatedly tried speaking to the owners of TyCalK9 but their phones appear to be shut off. Their website has been taken down, so has their Instagram page and Google search marks them as "permanently closed". 

When KHOU stopped by earlier today, dogs could be heard barking at the facility and there appeared to be a fair amount of activity on the property. 

"I think every dog trainer should be pushing for animal cruelty to be prosecuted here," said Black.

The Houston SPCA confirms they are aware of the video and have seen it. They offered FBSO assistance should they need it.

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